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How is it that a policeman can arrest me on obstruction of justice (lying to him) when he never asked me any questions ?

Flora, IL |
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single vehicle accident no witness in country ,county cop showed up and my wife was at accident site but policeman refused to believe she was driving and threatened to take our children from us if she didnt say i (her husband ) was driving ,then came to our home and arrested me for obstruction of justice, but never asked me if i was driving, cause he said" she told me you were driving" ,, there was an odor of alcohol and a liquid spilled in the floor of vehicle so he gave her a Breathalyzer test at scene, and she was at 0, but when he showed up to arrest me he said that and when i asked for a Breathalyzer test he refused to give me one.. now i got 1500 payed to bail out and am facing a felony charge which has been going on since September

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Hopefully you have a lawyer. If not, you need one right away. Your matter is really too complicated for you to receive much help here.

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You lawyer ids the best person to talk to about this.

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For every criminal offense a set of elements need to be proved a trial for a conviction. It is not uncommon that an officer charged somebody with an incorrect charge. However, it appears that there may be several charges against you. It also appears that you have some defenses to possible charges. I suggest hiring an attorney so that attorney can insure that you are not unjustly convicted.

Marijuana is against federal law. Federal law supersedes state law. A person could be charged and convicted for marijuana related crimes such as possession, cultivation, distribution, manufacturing, transportation, and conspiracy.

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obstruction of justice was the only charge, but my problem is i will lose my job 401k and insurance i do not have the money for a lawyer ,,,can i be charged with something else or not ,,this is my first arrest of my life now im going to trial for third time ,

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