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How is it possible for me to prove that I do NOT own a property?

Fairfax, VA |

I applied for medical benefits w/the county. They pulled some info off the land
office's website showing an individual w/the same name as mine who owns a
home in a nearby city. The clinic wanted me to provide them w/the mortgage info,
etc. of this home. Since the person w/the same name owns the home and I do not,I certainly could not do that. I do not now,nor have I ever owned a home. Because I told the clinic that it wasn't me who owned that house they have denied me any medical benefits. This is a hardship for me since I am single, over 60 and receive a very low-income. I only have a part-time job that does not provide any medical/dental benefits.
I called the land office and they referred me to Legal Aid. So,I called Legal Aid and they offered no help. Please advise.

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You might want to consider contacting the supervisor of whomever it was that you were dealing with or the head of this local agency in order to press your claim for these county benefits.

M.E. Hendrickson, Esq.
Alexandria., Virginia 22314


Get a copy of the deed to that property. The land office you called may be able to provide you a copy. Here in California, the customer service counter of local title companies will give you a copy for free - they may even be able to send it to you via email if you call them on the phone. Just provide them the address of the property, and they can find the deed.

The deed will state to whom the property was transferred. There may be some differences in your name and the name on the deed. For example, it may list a middle initial on the owner that is different than yours. It could show that tax statements are mailed to an address that is owned by the person with your same name, the deed could be owned by a husband and wife, and you have not ever been married! These are just some of the possibilities - look VERY carefully and you could easily find the proof you need.

Good Luck!

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