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How is it legal to impound a vehicle under CVC 22651 (k)???

Redondo Beach, CA |

My vehicle was parked in front of my next door neighbors home for more than 72 hours and was impounded under CVC 22651 (k), the vehicles registration iS current and the insurance is also up to date. I was contacted by in-laws that my vehicle was about to be towed, I informed the parking inforcement I will be there in approx. 30 minutes and the vehicle will be moved. I was given no time, the tow truck was there and my vehicle was gone in less than 20 minutes. How is this legal???

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You seem to think that the officer should have given you the 30 minutes you requested. The law, linked below, doesn't require them to do you any favors and give you any extra time, since the statute already gives you 72 hours.

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