How is child support in Illinois calculated?

Asked over 4 years ago - Springfield, IL

What is the formula my attorney will use? What numbers will they use? What if my wifes attorney and my attorney come up with differing numbers? I have taken my final pay stubs from the last three years and taken out the standard deductions such as taxes medicare social securioty. Mandatory pension and insurance. My number is greatly less than the amount. My wifes attorney has figured. In our settlement meetings the two attorneys are using my most current check and it seems using a differing formula. I know child support is a set figure that can't be argued but I would like to know how to figure it on my own. Any assistance and answers to my preceding questions is very greatly appreciated.

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I am also multiplying my net by .28 for 2 kids. Does the fact that were each claiming one child on our taxes effect how much I pay

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  1. David Matthew Gotzh


    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . Talk to your attorney. He/She has your casefile, we don't. I'm not allowed to interfere with that relationship.

  2. Alan James Brinkmeier

    Contributor Level 20

    Answered . You state you already have retained counsel. That ethically prevents any reputable attorney on Avvo - or anywhere else for that matter - from weighing in.

    This site is not here to provide a forum to second guess your attorney.

    Schedule an appointment to discuss this with your attorney.

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