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How is child support determined on commissioned pay?

Quitman, TX |

I work for a company where I worke soley on commission and we have no base salary and not taxes are taken out so how can i figure out how much child support I will have to pay.

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Under Texas Law child support is based on what you actually make. That means that they will look at what you made last year as well as what you have made this year year-to-date to setermine what it should be.
If you will go to a local family law attorney with your last years income tax as well as a current paystub showing current and year-to-date information they should be able to tell you what you will probably be paying under the guidelines.

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I agree with my colleague's answer, but I'd like to add that the tax table for self-employed persons should be used in your case. As your compensation is purely based on commissions from which no federal taxes, Medicare, or FICA is withheld, you are essentially self-employed and you should benefit from the court using the correct tax table.

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