How I can save my MPDU house if my name is not in loan and I'm in separate my husband don't want help ?

Asked about 2 years ago - Clarksburg, MD

my husband name on loan and I'm just in deed he didn't pay morge from jan 2010 .we r in separated .he didn't share it with me .i got the protection order from court .hes not living in my house I want save my house but bank not gaving me ant information till he write letter to the bank and he don't want do I can save my house I have 12 years old son we r so upset.where I have to beginning to do and save my house?

Additional information

No I can't but judge told me if I can save or have to move and rent he have to pay me now he's paying $900 but the bank not gaving me any information .and I have my name before loan on house.

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  1. Robinson Sean Rowe

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    Answered . If you are on the deed, is it safe to assume that you were part of the MPDU qualification process? Or did you add it on after you settled on the MPDU?

    If you were on from the beginning, you are a qualified party. Your attorney should manage the property through divorce, and you can continue making payments until you refinance the property.

    Are you able to afford the current mortgage on your own?

  2. Craig W Stewart

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    Answered . File bankruptcy, either chapter 7 if you wish to surrender the property or chapter 13 if you wish to retain it.

  3. Marc Robert Kivitz

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    Answered . If your name is on the Deed to the house, any bankruptcy filing will stop a foreclosure sale by the bank. If you want to keep the house, a Chapter 13 bankruptcy case would give you a chance to begin making the regular monthly mortgage payment but you would also have to have a budget with some money left over each month to pay to the Court in order to repay over time (perhaps over 5 years) the mortgage payments that were missed -- called an "arrearage". I have practiced in the field of bankruptcy law for more than 33 years.

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