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How hard is it to have a PFA removed by a judge?

York, PA |

Two months ago, I had a PFA put agaisnt my boyfriend. It is in effect for 3 years. I want to work things out with him and go to couples counseling. How likely is it that the PFA can be lifted?

I have never filed any orders on him before. I filed the PFA or was told to do so because I got into a psychical fight with him and there was prior abuse through out the 6 years but I believe that god can change peoples hearts and I want to at least talk to him about this.

Attorney Answers 1


It all depends on facts that aren't here in this question. What are the nature of the allegations? How many times have you sought and lifted orders? What is different now from conditions then? Those sorts of questions. Its a fairly easy process to do, just contact the court and ask how of file a motion to lift the PFA and they should be able to walk you through the process. Just beware however that the court is not going to allow you to remove the order and put it back on at your desire.

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