How hard is it to get my minor child a passport when you "legally" share custody??

I am wanting to go on a cruise this summer with my 5 yr old. Passport laws online say I have to have her birth father sign something to allow it on his side. He is on court ordered child support but over 14k behind. He has never asked to see her in the 5 years of her life. I have followed all the rules in our child support agreement of notifying him of any new numbers, address, schools, etc. He told me to never contact him again. He could care less about any of it. So I dont do it anymore. He has every 1st 2nd 3rd weekend in the agreement but in the 5 years, he has never asked to get her. Never bought her anything. She doesnt even know who he is. He never added his name to her birth certificate. So when I file for a passport for her, how can I get it if he told me to never contact him??

Duncanville, TX -

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Stephen D. Berman

Stephen D. Berman

Immigration Attorney - Chicago, IL

Get the order modified giving you sole custody, and you should have no problem.

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Theodore John Murphy

Theodore John Murphy

Immigration Attorney - West Chester, PA

I agree with my colleague.

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