How fast can I get a divorce? My husband and I have been separated since 1993. Neither of us pursued any legal action. His

health is failing and I just found out from an attorney in Mass and one in Florida that I could be responsible for his medical bills and or other debts. He lives in Florida, I live in Massachusetts.

Mansfield, MA -

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William N. Chambers

William N. Chambers

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Turners Falls, MA

Given the circumstances you presented it should be fairly easy to obtain a divorce in Massachusetts. If he is amicable to the divorce you should be able to file a joint divorce which would finalize 90 days from date the judge hears it. Make sure you put language into the agreement that makes each solely responsible for your own medical bills and non-insured medical costs (such as co-pays).

Best of luck!

S. Tracy Fischer

S. Tracy Fischer

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Danvers, MA

I would recommend that you contact a local attorney to assist you in preparing and filing a joint petition for divorce and separation agreement. You should contact your spouse and discuss with him your desire to finalize your separation with a divorce and see if he is willing to cooperate with you. If he is, the divorce can happen relatively quickly and inexpensively. I hope he will be receptive to your request, good luck

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Christopher W. Vaughn-Martel

Christopher W. Vaughn-Martel

Family Law Attorney - Boston, MA

Assuming that you have experienced counsel, a divorce can be obtained relatively quickly here in Massachusetts. I say relatively, because obtaining a finalized divorce here in Massachusetts would likely take between 6 - 9 months, assuming that you moved quickly. You may want to ask the same question of a Florida practitioner and see how long it would take. It will certainly be much more convenient for you if divorce is filed here in Massachusetts.

I strongly recommend that you retain counsel to commence divorce proceedings as quickly as possible (either with his cooperation, or without) and also that you engage in some estate planning as quickly as possible to 'disinherit' him as your spouse.

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Divorce is the process of formally ending a marriage. Divorces may be jointly agreed upon, resolved by negotiation, or decided in court.

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