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How far can the defendants attorney go during a divorce hearing before it is considered harassment in court towards plaintiff?

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As a woman who suffered years of domestic violence, I had to face my husband in divorce court last week. My husband went through 5 lawyers before he found one nasty enough to try to tear me apart. As a women I felt as this attorney was living back in the stone age where in the South a man has the right to have extramarital affairs, gamble and financially abandoned his wife whenever he is ready. I fled the family home out of fear, now I face medical problems after a mass was found in my breast, I'm afraid of what will become of me, the Judge has yet to come back with the final outcome on who gets what, I am so afraid and so scared knowing my future lies in the hands of the Judge who is from the same small town as my husbands attorney. It's as if women are treated like 2nd class citizens.

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Hire a nasty attorney to represent you and hope the judge will draw the line when he feels it is necessary.

Please only call me if your case is in California as I am only licensed here and laws of other states may vary. I approach trials and issues from a legal and common sense approach, This is how the majority of judges I have appeared before in 40 years also make decisions. I do not intend by my advice to enter an attorney client relationship and in most cases advise to obtain legal representation. Sometimes if you can not afford it a consultation or limited scope representation is available. As an experienced attorney I can tell you, judges can be impatient, hate emotional arguments and over exagerations or lies. A brief outline of the problems and desired solutions is always best and I often in limited scope representations advise clients on how to proceed at time of hearing or trial and my fees are considerably less when I do not appear in court as it takes much less of my time.

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Hire a lawyer. If this was a temporary hearing in your case, you still have time. If this was a final hearing and the parties have rested, meaning procedurally no more evidence or testimony can be heard, then it may be too late. Sometimes a Judge will have the hearing but not rule from the bench that day instead they will issue their ruling later.

This answer is not intended to be legal advice, you should consult an attorney licensed in your jurisdiction.

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What did your attorney do during the conduct of all of this? What does your attorney say now?

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