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How far can go a ethic investigator to share evidence with responder in ethical grievance against him ?

Greenwood Lake, NY |

I'm in the process to appeal a negative desition against me after first ethical investigation desition. I have a lot of concerns how the investigator handle the investigation. One of my concerns is how investigator share with responder all the evidence,comments and arguments from me and the investigator don't let anything out to share with responder. After see everything reponder create a new statements with many contradiction from his original without see my evidence. Basicly he change evrything. The investigator was unfair and partial pro-responder and she contaminate everything with her actions.The investigator share five months of telephone records but just two l pages are evidence that I give to her to support my comments and she share with responder the full record of calls. Privacy?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. An accused attorney has fewer rights than about every other citizen answering an administrative charge. But one right we still have is to confront the evidence against us and, at an early stage, rebut it if we can. The complainant can always provide a surrebuttal. But the lawyer still gets to know the claims she is defending.

    I sense you are not a native speaker and some of the ebb and flow of the investigation my be difficult to grasp but there is nothing untoward indicated in your narrative.

    I am sorry you have had this difficulty.