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How far back can apartments go on background checks

Clarkston, MI |

I currently live in a apartment and i am on the lease.. they ran my background and everything went smooth.. that was 2yrs ago. now my lease is up and i have been looking for a new place and job but i keep getting rejected for 2 misdemeanors from 2006 & 07. im not understanding why these are jus showing up on my record. and they are from different states. i live in michigan. they are in Va& Nc.. please explain why this is happening now.? Shouldnt it have showed up when i applied at the apartment im at now ?? And thru the temp agency where i got my job thru?

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There is no specific law that says how far back a landlord can go when searching your background for criminal activity. It really depends on what they want to do. The place you live now may not even have run a background check. Even if they say they are going to it may just be to get a reaction so they can see if they need to do one. That being said, some will be concerned with exactly what you were convicted of while others may not. The same goes for employers.

It does not matter what state your convictions were in as your background follows you wherever you go. While it may be possible to get your record expunged (removed) from your background, each state is different and I cannot answer for them. You would have to file for the expungment in the court where the conviction took place. I will provide a couple of useful links for you.

Expungment Information by State:

Michigan Landlord/Tenant Booklet:

The Landlord/Tenant booklet is very helpful if you plan to continue to rent.

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