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How far away do you have to park from a "no parking/towing zone" sign to avoid getting a ticket?

Dallas, TX |
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Two temporary signs were posted to two trees about 10 feet away from the curb, but every person on the street received tickets.

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This sounds like it may be a question of fact. Those are generally decided by a Judge at a Bench Trial or your Peers at a Jury Trial. What offense was charged on the ticket?

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I received a 28-76 No Parking Zone ticket. I found out yesterday that they are starting construction across the street so that's why the temporary signs are posted. I parked there two days prior and had no issues. I only found out about the construction because a friend lives in the apartment complex that I parked by.



Mind you, it was 9:45 on a Saturday night when they issued the ticket.


As is noted above, this is really a fact issue that can be challenged at trial. The Dallas Municipal Courts are backlogged and if you challenge the ticket you have a chance that it will be dismissed. If not dismissed, you can go to trial and try to beat the cited offense. While an attorney is not always necessary, it can help to guide through the process.

Good luck, and feel free to contact me to discuss your options in Dallas Municipal Court.

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