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How does the CA dissomaster for child support work?

San Jose, CA |

I'm going crazy trying to figure out how the CA dissomaster works. How is it looking after the best interest of my children when the person providing the much higher standard of living is also the one the dissomaster says should be receiving child support payments? Her "circumstances and station in life" are, and will always be, far higher than mine. There is not a similar standard of living or living arrangement at all between our 2 households.

Is there anyplace where you can find a decent explanation of the dissomaster? California Guideline Child Support Calculator User Guide and still couldn't find actual answers.

We have 50/50 custody so this is not an issue of her being the custodial parent. I am trying to provide a somewhat equal living situation for my children to the one they have with her. She is claiming every additional penny I make. That money will not be used to pay for the needs of the children.

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  1. Dissomaster and the California Guideline Child Support Calculator [as well as any of the other certified calculators that exist in the market] are merely tools for the application of the guideline formula contained in the California Family Code. Child support is based on the relative income of the parents as well as the amount of time each parent has physical custody of the child. Each parent has an obligation to support the child and the mere fact that the custodial parent is able to provide a higher standard of living then the non-custodial parent is not a valid consideration in setting what that support obligation should be. Any claim that the custodial parent does not need your contribution will most likely fall on deaf ears as the Court will rightly point out that you have both a legal and moral duty to contribute to the support of your child and the relative wealth of the other parent does not obviate you obligation.

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  2. It is based on disposable income and tax liabilities it is a confusing formula and that is why everyone uses programs like dissomaster.

    I will provide a link that explains it.

    I suggest hiring a lawyer if you think you are being cheated.

    The above information does not establish an attorney client relationship nor is it meant to provide legal advice.

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