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How does pretrial intervention show on background check?

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I was placed pretrial intervention in 2007, i was able to find work as a truck driver, but they downsized and laid me off, now i have a few offers for employment, i have no convictions and the applications only asked if i've ever been convicted, i was just curious as to how the PTI program will show up on my background check and if it will disqualify me from being employed. thanks in advance!!

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The pretrial intervention program is a great opportunity. When completed successfully, the State drops the charges against the person. The arrest record however, does not dissapear automatically. An individual can seek to expunge his/her criminal record.

To answer your question specifically, some employers will only inquire as to prior convictions while others will also inquire as to prior arrests. Each employer has its own criteria as to what they deem acceptable or not and while some will make the determination based on prior conviction record others may not hire based on arrest record. Again, the arrest record does not fall automatically so it may be wise for you to consider an expungement of your record. As things stand currently, if your record has not been expunged or sealed then anyone can access it and can see the outcome. I hope this information is helpful to you.

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Expungement after completing PTI is the start. If the employer runs a background check through a third party background check company the arrest will most likely still show. Most employers can't read background checks or understand them. Contacting the third party background check company to remove the arrest record is the final step.

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