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How does one go about determining if discrimination was a factor in the way a bank treated a loan?

Miami, FL |

Community bank gave ex and I 2 commercial loans, 5 mnths before divorce, knowing in the process. I contacted them day I received businesses, informing they would be dealing with me., Learned ex hadn't made that months pmts. Told him I would pay within 4 days before 30 late.. 2 days later received voicemail, same officer "had from 2 sources, mtgs unpd because I had been raiding accts,,not to think for 1 second they wouldn't foreclose". Had he cked wouId see ex did all withdrawals.Made all current next day but continue to do everything can to foreclose, changed 20 yr mtgs to 1 yr balloons, refused to refi each yr unless did more. No reason for this treatment. I made all pmts, cooperated with anything ask, increased income. Would like to determine if because now single/divorced female.

This year had nothing more they wanted so when balloon came, unable to pay, called all loans, filed and rushed foreclosure. I had to quickly market and sell far undervalue so wouldn't go after my small savings for deficiency and now left with no income. I don't know this is the reason but in 4 years, starting with 8.00 ex left in account, I paid all hidden bills he left, tripled business, cut expenses. I can't find a reason for the multitude of times they have threatened or tried to foreclose.

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  1. For some reason this was listed as an employment question, which may be why you have not been getting any answers. I changed it to Foreclosure, which is clearly what your issue is about, in the hopes that you may get a helpful response before the time runs on the question:)

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  2. I get the gist of your upset, but you obviously have a lot to say, and I don't understand it fully. Nevertheless, it sounds like you have some action for relief.

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