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How does one fill out a financial disclosure form in a Nevada Annulment case?

Las Vegas, NV |

If a complaint of annulment has been filed and the defendant does not want to contest the case. Do they still have to file a financial disclosure form if there is to be no property or debt to be adjudicated and no spousal support requested?

If so, how would they fill it out if they are unemployed, no assets, with the occasional "off the books" tutoring, no taxes filed, etc. the entire form would be filled with "N/A"?

thank you!

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No FDF needs to be completed if the matter is uncontested.



Thank you Israel. The self help center online states that one of the steps in responding with an "answer" is to file and serve a FDF (NRCP 16.2). I just want to confirm this is just a generic advice and not necessary in my situation. What would happen if I file my "Answer" without one and it turns out one is needed? Will the case be defaulted? I tried calling the Self help center hotline but they are not much help. Thanx again Israel.

Israel Lynda Kunin

Israel Lynda Kunin


You can file the FDF prior to the CMC if the matter does not settle.



This site and attorneys like yourself are an invaluable resource. People like myself, who are trying to self file, are greatly appreciative of your time Israel!

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