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How does it work when you are a conditional green card holder and you work night shift for 12 hours ? please read

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I am a conditional green card holder ,I got it like 3 months ago, and i am married to a beautiful wife and we have a wonderful marriage, and we live together .I was without a job for months and months and now i have a night shift job for 12 hours and its like 40 min from our house , just some friend and a lawyer i know who is not and immigration lawyer told me: i should be with my wife all the time,because the immigration might stop by and check if the marriage is real or not!! seriously i am a bit worried about this,as i have heard that a lot, i really can't quit my job as my wife does a part time job only ..what should i do ?

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It's a real job and you sound like you have proof it is a bona fide (good faith) marriage. You do not have to be with your wife "all the time." People need to work and so going to your job is normal. Just keep records of your good faith marriage like joint bills, pictures and other items. Talk to an attorney if you have any concerns that you do not have a bona fide (good faith) marriage. Don't forget that you will have to remove conditions on your permanent resident status by applying before the end of the 2 years.

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Your friend, the lawyer, seems to have been reading too many horror novels or is way too carried away by conspiracy theories. If your marriage is bona fide. You should not worry about those things. Life is hard and ordinary people tend to work to support their families.

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If you live together but you have to be away from home on certain times due to work, that is okay. If immigration checks, just tell the truth because there's nothing wrong with that arrangement. A bona fide relationshp is a bona fide relationship regardless. The critical thing with what you wrote is that you live together.

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