How does a father go about signing all his rights away and can a mother waive the child support if he does so?

How would a father go about signing all his rights away to his child? Could the mother have the child support waived if the father signs all his rights away?

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William Tyler Moore Jr

William Tyler Moore Jr

Child Custody Lawyer - Houston, TX

A voluntary termination must be approved by the judge. A termination of rights ends the child support obligation. A parent entitled to receive child support may waive accrued unpaid child support unless she has received state aid for the child. In that event, it's the State's money.

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Deanna Lynn Whitley

Deanna Lynn Whitley

Child Custody Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

Any parent can execute a voluntary relinquishment of parental rights. This form is widely available on the internet but must contain certain language to be approved by the court. The execution of the voluntary relinquishment of parental rights does not terminate child support. In order to terminate child support an order must be entered and approved by the court. Often, courts will approve a relinquishment provided its in the best interest of the child and not merely to avoid a financial obligation.

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