How does a father gain sole legal & physical custody? Wife is abusive & diagnosed w/ mixed severe bipolar I w/ psychosis.

Had 3 or 4 episodes since Jan, so less manageable rapid cycling form of the mental disorder. Mental illness is in her family. Several suicide attempts. She has physically & emotionally abused me, kids & others. I pressed charges when she sent me to the hospital, case is on the SA's desk. I currently have physical custody & 100% time-sharing of the kids & wish to keep it that way after the divorce. She is delibertly holding up the divorce by not taking the required parenting class. Controling The kids are young - both under 4. No attachment to their mom - she never wanted them & it showed in her parenting. The kids have a solid attachment to myself, family & friends. How do I keep sole legal & physical custody of the kids? Is there any way she can terminate her parental rights

Lake Mary, FL -

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Blaise E. Picchi

Blaise E. Picchi

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorney - Fort Lauderdale, FL

You know the answer. You get the circuit judge in your divorce case to agree with you. You should have an experienced family law attorney assisting you. It's important that you hire one. If you cannot afford it, borrow the money from family and friends.

Also, failing to take a parently course is not an obstacle. It is more evidence in your favor that the mother is not fit. Apparently, the judge already agrees with you enough so that he/she has given you temporary custody of the children pending the final judgment.

You have an audience of one in your quest: The judge.

One thing I would do is get the judge to order the Dept. of Children and Families to do a home evaluation report. If the agency backs up your allegations the judge is likely to believe it and give you primary responsibility for the children. But you should have advice of counsel before doing anything.

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Johanne Valois-Shoffstall

Johanne Valois-Shoffstall

Family Law Attorney - Apollo Beach, FL

You don't state whether you are represented by an attorney. If you aren't, you should be. I would think that a motion for a social investigation might be in order, even a motion for the appointment of a guardian ad litem. A voice for the children. Terminating her parental rights is a huge step. It isn't something that is done lightly. That is usually done under Chapter 39 of the Florida Statutes. It is usually done in conjunction with the Department of Children and Families. Is there a DCF case going on?

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