How does a Criminal appeal affect job application?

Criminal misdemeanor found guilty in the trail. If in the process of the appeal (I heard sometimes it might take a year for the completion), on the employment questionnaire asks "Have you ever been convicted any crime?" should the answer be yes or no? (Considering everything will be held off)

Phoenix, AZ -

Attorney Answers (2)

Howard A Snader

Howard A Snader

Criminal Defense Attorney - Phoenix, AZ

You do have a criminal conviction unless and until the appellate or trial court overturns the conviction.

Jared Clayton Austin

Jared Clayton Austin

Criminal Defense Attorney - Lansing, MI

If you want to answer honestly, you would have to say yes. Appealing a conviction does not change the fact that you were convicted. It just means that you are contesting the conviction. But if it's a misdemeanor I wouldn't worry too much about it anyway. Felonies are the ones that can really harm you on job or housing applications. Most applications like that usually just ask if you've been convicted of a felony. While I have seen them that ask for any crime or misdemeanor, they are very well. Best of everything.

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