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How does a bonus check effect unemployment .i have been on unemployment for a month.

Front Royal, VA |

i agreed to stay with the company till my store closed for a bonus. i received the bonus after i started unemployment. how does it effect my check

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Generally, any money earned prior to being unemployed does not count against unemployed unless it is a severance. Call the VEC on Tuesday (Mondays are bad) and ask. It all depends on how the money is paid out.

The VEC answered your question this way:

What if I receive severance pay, vacation pay, sickness and accident benefits, or holiday pay?:

Severance, vacation, holiday pay, and sickness and accident benefits that you receive may be deducted from your weekly benefit amount in the same manner as actual earnings in any week in which it is payable. You will be notified if these benefits or pay affect your claim.

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