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How do you write an LLC resolution to authorize members to be the signers of the bank account

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I have an LLC operating agreement that did not expressly authorize the member as the signer of the bank account. I would appreciate it if you can send me a resolution form/template to authorize members or anyone to be the signers of the LLC bank account.

Thank you

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    Big Company, LLC

    The Managers of Big Company, LLC, a California Limited Liability Company, held a meeting on December 25, 2010, at 1234 Street, Nice City, California, 98765.

    The Managers of the LLC, Bob La Blaw and Hans Doun, attended the meeting.

    The Managers acknowledges that the following persons are the Managers of the LLC:

    Name Office

    Bob La Blaw General Manager
    Hans Doun Manager


    The General Manager informed the Board that it would be necessary to establish one or more bank checking and savings accounts for the LLC business The Managers noted that an SS-4 form shall be (or has been) submitted to the Internal Revenue Service, applying for an employer identification number. The Managers adopted the following resolutions:

    RESOLVED, that this LLC establish in its name one or more deposit accounts with a bank or banks and that the General Manager and Manager of this LLC are authorized to select and establish such an account or accounts, on terms and conditions as agreed on with the bank; and

    RESOLVED FURTHER, that the General Manager and Manager are authorized to designate as depositories of this LLC's funds at one or more other banks, trust companies, or other financial institutions, and to open, keep, and close general and special accounts in such depositories.

    RESOLVED FURTHER, that General Manager and Manager of this LLC are authorized to endorse checks, drafts, or other evidences of indebtedness made payable to this LLC, for the purpose of deposit; and

    RESOLVED FURTHER, that all checks, drafts, and other instruments obligating this LLC to pay money, including instruments payable to officers or other persons authorized to sign them, shall be signed on this LLC's behalf by the General Manager and Manager.


    There being no further business to come before the meeting, the meeting was adjourned by the General Manager.

    Secretary of the LLC

    Approval of Minutes

    The Managers have reviewed the above Minutes of and approve these Minutes as the Minutes of the meeting of the Managers.

    Manager’s Signatures:

    Bob La Blaw
    General Manager

    Hans Doun

  2. Please see the "how to" guides linked below.

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  3. Do a Google search.

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  4. Members may not sign bank accounts for an LLC. Managers may sign. Members must have some position in the LLC other than a member to be a signer. Any manager can have limited powers, as may be set forth in the LLC operating agreement.

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