How do you stop three state from collecting child support for the same Kid, who is now and adult of 21 years old?

Asked over 1 year ago - Sacramento, CA

No issue with Paying and getting it done with. The issue is that they all keep taking money from my checks and it is quite a bit. I just want it to be from one place and a set amount. What do I do? None of the states are on the same Page it seem no matter how hard I try to let them know they just blame it on their computer systems. States are Michigan, New Jersey and Wisconsin. I am in California.

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  1. Trevor L Hensley

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    Answered . This is a very interesting issue that I've never heard of before. I assume the child was moved around several times over the past years and the mother registered the support order in each of the states your mentioned above?

    Are the states collecting on an arrears? or are all three states collecting the full amount of child support currently due each month? are you essentially paying 3x the child support you are ordered to pay?

    I think you should take this to a family attorney with all the documents you currently possess and let them look it over. I think after they get a feel for what is going on they can advise you on what to do next.

    I wish you the best of luck!

    I am licensed in California only and my answers on Avvo assume California law. Answers provided by me are for... more
  2. Diana Louise Spidall


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    Answered . You can file a request for an accounting in each of the cases (the 3 different states). [Note: In California, this is done by a "Request for Order" form.] This will tell you if the states are collecting the same support owed or not, and you will have a better understanding of the amount owed (principal arrearage and interest, and what the "current" support is per month). Also in your request you could address all 3 states collections be consolidated so that you report to only one state.

    If the custodial parent (recipient of child support) has moved around (possibly causing the 3-state issue), this will also alert the 3 states where the Recipient is currently living for better processing of support.

    Definitely, speak with an Attorney as they will be able to advise you. An Attorney will also be able to make contacts with the various state entities and can coordinate your efforts to achieve your goals.

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