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How do you stop harassing text messages

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My fiance and I have recieved over 1000 text messages in the last few months from his ex., anywhere from 10-15 daily and with out response from us. She contacts his family members also. The messages come back to back and the more we don't respond the more she sends. it's getting out of had and with the work my fiance does it can tend to be very distracting. The only reason he will not change the phone # is because he wants to keep the line open for his children to contact him.

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Change your numbers. Your fiance can just tell his children his new number, and you and your family members can do the same, just tell people you want to have your number your number. Your phone company may also have a function that blocks this particular caller/texter.

Your alternative is to seek a restraining order against her, which may only encourage this nutcase.

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that action does not work in the controlled situation, she wont allow them to have conversations with him alone because she always wants to know what is going on. the lids arent even allowed outside. I need other options because this is getting serious.

Pamela Koslyn

Pamela Koslyn


WHo's "them," the kids? If so he needs a family court judge to order the private phone calls with his kids.



yes I am referring to the children. thank you for that bit of advice


My answer is based on the understanding that your fiance's ex is the mother of his children.

You and your fiance should change your phone numbers. You can give the new number to those that you want to have the number. Depending on the age of the children, he can give them his new number directly (instead of giving it to their mother). Of course, if the children are not of an age to bypass their mother with this information, then him changing his number will not help.

You and your fiance should also seek a restraining order. That she is entitled to the number as his co-parent does not mean that she's entitled to harassing him through the number. (Note: if you intend to attempt to obtain a restraining order, you should keep the messages and/or obtain a transcript of your text messages directly from your cell phone provider/carrier.)

You and your fiance may also press criminal charges, and/or file a civil complaint, against his ex for harassment or some other charge related to her behavior.

The above answer is a general explanation of legal rights and procedures. It does not constitute legal advice. Nor does it establish an attorney-client relationship between the individual posting the question and the attorney providing the answer.



there is a main question that I had...what I should do in my relationship is not the question. Thank you for your advice however


Ms. Eyo has given you good legal advice. I want to add a few thoughts. First, I would STRONGLY recommend that your fiance consult with an attorney. Posting a question on a web service, like this, has only limited utility. Your post is troubling enough that I think your fiance would benefit from a sit-down consultation with an attorney, even though this will probably cost a couple of hundred dollars to do so.

Second, the wrong person is asking questions. You may be stuck in the middle because your fiance has children, but he is the one that should be seeking solutions. There is no reason for you to EVER have to talk to his crazy ex and there is NO reason for her to have YOUR phone number.

Third, which briings me to a non-legal point ... if your fiance won't take the necessary steps to stop both of you being harassed, if your fiance was so stupid as to make babies with a nutcase, why do you want to call him your "fiance"? Your friends and family are better positioned to advise you on the wisdom of this relationship, from your perspective, and I would, at the very least, ask them what they think you should do. If this harassment is troubling you as much as it seems to be, you have to decide if you really want to marry your fiance's "baggage" as it will only get worse after the weddinig. Just a friendly thought ... Good luck! Jim.

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