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How do you request a new probation officer and/or file a complaint when you are afraid it will make it worse?

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My friend went in for his routine check in, was detained for 3 hrs and then 5hrs the next day, his PO asking him the same question repeatedly. his PO never talks, he yells. Hes the same way when "interviewing" friends and family of the probationer. He is always in attack mode, volotile &verbally abusive. He called me to verify information and was screaming at me from word one. He belittled me and he scared me. My friend's ride was in the waiting room and the po ran up to him screaming questions. This kid has a speech impediment,when he tried to answer his questions the po LAUGHED AND MADE FUN OF HIM! This guy is not just a jerk, he is scary &abusing authority! By the time my friend was allowed to leave he was physically sick&mentally distraught. He has 5 more months but I am worried 4him!

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In my area the convict has no say at all in the PO he or she gets. And, virtually no request to change PO would be granted. Cooperating with authority figures is a part of becoming a mature adult, and so is cooperating with people you don't necessarily get along with or agree with. If you have a legitimate complaint and think your PO acted illegally, you can complain to the supervisor. However, it is most likely you are going to and will have to learn to deal with him.

If you stay out of trouble that goes a long way in getting along with the PO.

Good luck to you.

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This may be true, that you just simply have to deal with it when it comes to your PO. However all PO's have a responsibility to be respectfull and treat all with that respect. What I have found is that some PO's abuse thier power to the point of making threats to the offender and the offender has to take it because the PO is the athority and this is a real problem in our life when we have these individuals in that roll and they abuse thier power to that point. Can we do something about it? Only if we all stand together and constantly complain about some of the PO's and thier abuisive behavior.

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