How do you place a lien on a property?

I own an organizing business, one of our clients did not pay us for the work done at their home which was 2 years ago. We have sent many notices and phone calls. They are now selling their home. What would be the process of placing a lien on their property so that we can get paid? What forms are involved? If I use a lawyer do they have to be licensed in my state or can they be from out of state? The total owed to my company is over $4000.

Fairfield, CT -

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Francis G Pennarola

Francis G Pennarola

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Danbury, CT

It is likely that the only way you can file a lien (before you have a judgment) is with an attachment, a prejudgment remedy that will require a court hearing and several weeks to get set up. It is also likely cost prohibitive as the company will neeed a lawyer admitted in Connecticut to handle the matter.

the limit for small claims court is $5000 and the comapny is allowed to represent itself. Tht will likely take several months before you could get a judgment. Once you had a judgment, you could file a judgment lien. Good luck

George O. Tamblyn

George O. Tamblyn

Contracts / Agreements Lawyer - Mercer Island, WA

It is probably too late to get a statutory lien for the work performed on the property. Next time take action and see a lawyer sooner. Find out the small claims limit in your jurisdcition and consider that option. You should consult with an attorney in your area specializing in this type of matter; it is important to disclose all the facts and to explore your options. Be prepared to pay a consultation fee and know what it will be in advance.

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