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How do you locate someone who owes you money from a court Final Judgement?

Orlando, FL |

My mom hired this guy to do work on a property she owed and the work he did was not up to par, so she took him and his partner to court and won a final judgement but neither of them have paid anything on the judgement to date. This was done in Orange County, FL back on 10/27/1993. Does she still have any recourse here to collect this monies owed to her? We have not been able to locate these people. They never even showed up at the hearing.

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  1. Hire a company to perform a "skip trace." You can google it and find many companies who offer such services. It's generally not expensive to do.

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  2. The costs to locate individuals or assets can run in the $1000s. You dont say how much the judgment is but you need to evaluate what is owed v. the additional costs in locating them. Was the judgment recorded in the counties where they own assets? Was the judgment docketed with the department of state? Have you tried to do the searches referenced by the other responder? Judgments have a 20 year vitality so you dont have much time left to pursue this one.

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  3. If the defendants names are not common, you may be able to find recent information from the clerk of court websites or the public records recorded in the county where you think they may be living. Another potential resource is the State of Florida website for searching businesses. That site is and you can search by a company name or by the owners/officers of the company. Also, if the defendants are in a profession which requires some type of certification or license, you may check with the Florida Department of Professional Regulation. The site is Like the prior response stated, time is running out so act quickly whatever you do.

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