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How do you know if a restraining order is filed against you?

Pennsylvania |

My EX's wife is threatening to file a restraining order/order of protection OR whatever they are called. She received info that her husband has been cheating, from an anonymous source. But she saw through it and believes it was me. They live in a different state... how would I know if she does file? What does it mean for me if she does? Is this a serious legal problem? Does it stay on your record?

Thank you Mitchel for your assistance. I guess I should have said... I am in PA while they are in West Virginia. Does that make it easier to provide additional assistance? Could you PLEASE look at the other posts I have particularity the one that says 'Anonymously' ? I would really appreciate it!

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The laws of restraining order vary by state. In Michigan, for example, a restraining order is called a personal protection order (or PPO). It can be filed in any county of the state, but is only effective once it is served on the respondent (the person to be restrained). Then it is put into the police database (LEIN) where law enforcement has that information about you whenver they run your name. A good investigator should be able to tell you if a restraining order has been filed against you, unless your state has rules regarding confidentiality of filed restraining orders.

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