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How do you get the name of someones parole/probation officer

Waynesboro, VA |

what can i do ,someone went to prison blames me for it,he is out now /before he went to prison /was harassed w/phone calls is now out and doing it again ,would like to talk to parole/probation ,(he has both) to get it stopped

thats just it i do not know his p/p officer this is state of va,,i know law veries, should we go to police in my town or his which is about 45 miles away

Attorney Answers 1

  1. You should try to call his local probation and parole office and ask for that information. You should also consider filing a police report. If his harrassing phone calls rise to the level of a crime, the police may pursue charges against him and he could face a probation and/or parole violation as a result.