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How do you get harrasment charges and theft charges off of your record in the state of PA

Harrisburg, PA |

Charges that happend 3+ years ago how do i get them off of my record

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  1. First, they would have to be summary offenses, and secondly, if they were summary offenses, five years must pass without having any new charges. Once both of those are met, then you would an expungement petition.

    If you were found not guilty or the charges were dropped, then you may qualify for an expungement now.

    Justin C Gearty Jr

  2. If you have been convicted, you can't get them off your record unless they are summary offenses. The Harassment charge could be a summary offense but there is no Summary Theft, unless you are referring to retail theft. If they are convictions for anything but misdemeanors the most practical approach to take is to file an Application for a pardon. However a Pardon is expensive and takes a very long time and is not usually sucessful.

    If you have not been convicted then the proper way to get them removed is through a Petition for expungment.

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