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How do you get Fannie Mae to change a house listing? It is a house but is listed as a trailer at Fannie Mae .

Birmingham, AL |

We have been trying to refinance our home for 3 years without success, even though we have credit scores in 800s and we are good standing with the bank. We recently found out out that the reason is because Fannie Mae has our house listed as a trailer and not a home, even after we have supplied numerous pieces of evidence that it is a home, they will not change it. We have been approved for the HARP program but cannot refinance due to how it is listed. We have contact Fannie Mae numerous times without any success to get it changed. Please help, we have tried to resolve this issue or over 9 months.

Attorney Answers 1

  1. What evidence do you have that its now a house? What does the deed say? Has the mobile home title been surrendered? I understand your frustration. Getting a mobile home turned into a "real estate" can be a long complicated process.