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How do you find out if you are being monitored by a threat assessment team? AKA Gang Stalking

New York, NY |

Some people are getting placed on lists and monitiored for years at a time, via what are called Threat Assessment Teams. The question is, how can I use your legal services to determine If I am on such a list, and how to be taken off such a list. To find out more, please visit these links.

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This is not a question for an attorney. We can not bring an action in court to get you off any lists. Sorry, I don't think any attorney can help you.



I'ts called the Freedom of Information Act. You did not answer the question at all. Nor did you give any suggestions. You are skirting the issue entirely.

Mark Alan Steinberg

Mark Alan Steinberg


I'm sorry my answer was not helpful. What is the issue that I am skirting? What do you hope an attorney can do for you? Get law enforcement to stop investigations?

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