How do you find a trust fund you are owed?

Asked almost 2 years ago - Lynnwood, WA

My father died left 2 trust funds to my children. One child is adult now. My father's stepchildren took advantage of him after he having mental issues said we can't see trust. One says they have it but wont produce it. I don't believe there is one because step kids keep changing how much it is. Plus they made sure my father changed his will so they got everything he owned. My father hated these kids for over 50 years until he had mental issues do to accident. Is there anyway to find out if there is a trust or to see it? If it does exist how would my daughter get it? Would my daughter have to go to court to ask a judge about it? I do not talk with these people. They are dangerous. Step daughter is trustee or something like that. Could they get into trouble if there is no trust fund?

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  1. Justin Eric Elder


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    Answered . In situations like this, the trustee has definite duties to the beneficiaries of the trust. However, it does not seem like you know for certain whether or not a trust, in fact, exists. If the trust was set up in a will, and the will was probated, you could find it at the court where the will was probated.

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  2. James P. Frederick

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    Answered . You might also check the real estate records to see how the real estate was owned. If there was a trust, the property would almost certainly have been transferred into the trust, in order to avoid probate. The deed would not only have information about the trust itself, but would also likely have the name and contact information of the attorney who created the trust.

    James Frederick

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  3. Chandra Melissa Lewnau

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    Answered . It's not clear from your question when your father died. If it was recent, and what you say about your father changing his will to favor the step-children he previously disliked after developing mental issues from an accident is true, you may wish to consult an attorney to determine if you have a possible cause of action to contest the will. An attorney would also be able to help you track down whether there actually is a trust.

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  4. Stephen Ross Cohen

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    Answered . Call a probate attorney in your area.

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