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How do you establish that a petitioner is domiciled in the usa? Is an intention to domicile adequate? HOW would we prove that?

Bend, OR |

Peitioner has not lived in the usa for 5 years because he had to move away to be with me.

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    Oregon ID/DL ... apartment lease, or property ownership ... firm employment ... are just a few ways to show the re-establishment of domicile.

    Talk to an attorney in private to explore other types of evidence.

    Consultations by Skype are available ... so you need not travel to 'meet' with an attorney.

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  2. I agree with my colleague.

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  3. So you want to prove that the petitioner is domiciled in the U.S., when the petitioner is actually not domiciled in the U.S.? That is not something I would recommend because it sounds like you want to prove something that is not true. Be careful of what you present to USCIS in this regard; fraud can have future prejudicial repercussions for you and the petitioner. You and the petitioner should talk to a U.S. immigration lawyer to explore your options.

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