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How do we transfer a boat and trailer title to my sister after my dad died and Mom wants to gift it to her.

Coopersburg, PA |

Sister lives in Texas, titles in Dad's name, Did not have to probate Estate in PA, Title of trailer in Maryland.

Everything goes to my Mom so we did not have to probate the estate. Do we have to trasfer title to mom and then she can gift to sister?

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I think you'll find it's going to be very difficult to effect a transfer of title from a deceased person without probating the estate. Someone needs to be authorized to sign on behalf of your father, and that's going to require a court to appoint an executor/personal representative.

The estate would need to be opened in the county where your father was living when he passed away. It is possible to do this on your own, but you might be better off hiring an attorney to do it for you. I do probate work, but Coopersburg is a little outside my practice range. Contact a probate attorney in Allentown.

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