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How do we find the auction date are forclosed home was sold,don't we get any type of letter from lender.

Salida, CA |

Our was foreclosed on while were going thrue home mod. denied on jan5 jan7 front door had a three day notice to quit the property SHOCKED to HELL called lender to find out whats going on they said our home was sold asked what date it sold jan5 What the "H" just happend why could'nt they(lender) just send us a letter to move out and they could not help us rather than is heart stopping panic stricken way We are people under one god any correct answers and don't need sugarcoating on an answer I understand we owed money and its their house but why be so cruel,Would you throw your dog out in the street whith nowhere to go? Salida is a ghost town, the ghosts of homeowner past.

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The foreclosure process is controlled by state laws & the lenders have no choice but to follow these laws when foreclosing on you.

You may wish to review these laws, and they probably are posted on your state's website.

In my state, once the foreclosure sale has taken place, the new owner must evict you. The first eviction notice is voluntary, & is basically meaningless. The 2nd eviction notice is from the court. When someone gets this 2nd notice, they can apply to the court for a hearing on the eviction. At the hearing, the judges will typically give people an additional 30 days to move out.

I would suggest that you look at the eviction notice to see if it has the name of a court. If no court, it is probably just a preliminary notice. If the notice has the name of the court, contact the court clerk for an application for a hearing.

Hope this perspective helps & good luck!

The process is probably similar in California


If your home was sold at a foreclosure auction, then you can expect a notice from the purchasing party. This is usually done through an agent (usually attorney or broker). It is common for the agent to have the authority to grant moving expenses. This is commonly referred to as the "cash for keys" program.

Another option would be to seek an injunction and filing a complaint against your lender.

On a side note, filing bankruptcy would afford you an automatic stay; temporarily suspending any collection or eviction efforts.

Hope this helps!

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