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How do I write a professional letter to a lawyer that I am asking to leave me alone?

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I had representation from a lawyer who i did not hire, my sister did without my permission, and she did such a bad job on my case, How do i write a professional letter to her telling her that i did not seek her as my lawyer and have asked her in person to leave me alone yet she's refused, and time and time again she is still trying to be on my case, and i have no hired her, she is harassing me and i need to write a letter but dont know how to put it in words, can anyone help on what i can say...?

Also, my sister didn't "hire" her by paying her, they are long time friends, she did my case pro bono and did not represent me well, plus like i mentioned above, i did not ask for her, in fact, i asked my sister to NOT call her and she did anyway, now i need to write this lawyer a formal letter asking her to leave me alone, that i dont need her representing me and to stop contacting me because i have moved on and found someone new, how do i put that into a formal letter?

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You simply need to send the letter informing the lawyer that you no longer want her to represent you. The letter should probably be sent certified mail/return receipt or priority mail with delivery confirmation.

If she is representing you in litigation, simply inform her to file a motion with the court informing them of the fact that she no longer represents you. If she refuses to inform the court, you should contact the clerk's office to file the appropriate paperwork. If this continues, you should contact the Georgia Bar.

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