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How do i write a motion to the court to modify my sentence from jail to house arrest?

Kingman, AZ |

I am on prescription medications for siezures and a heart condition that i was told I will not get in jail. I recently had a heart attack two weeks ago and don't think the jail has the right medical facility for my needs.

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Write a document called "Motion to Modify Sentence for Health Reasons, Pro Per." (Pro Per means that you, not a lawyer, are filing the document.) Put your case number and the name of the case, State v. Your name on the top of the page so the clerk knows where to file te document and then a statement that you sent it to the prosecutor. Now the most important thing would be to attach medical records and a copy of the prescription and maybe a statement from your doctor, the more the better. Ask the court to consider the documents and then ask for two things. Ask for the home arrest (I do not know if it is even available in your case) or, in the alternative, an order from the court that the jail facility adequately meet your medical needs. Whether they will pay attention to the court order is debateable but it is at least something. I wish you the best of luck. It would be best to have an attorneys assistance in this matter but the court should at least consider your motion. Just remember, docuemnt your claims. Document. Document. Document.

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