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How do I valuate damages on items such as family videos,pics etc, if I was illegally evicted and EVERYTHING I own was taken?

Atlanta, GA |
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I was illegally evicted where the bank(owner finance) rep. came into the property before the foreclosure and after the foreclose(both times before a dispossionary warrnt was filed) disguarded practically everything I possesed including, documents, pictures, family videos,forks, knives, pencils, trophies, memorabilia,gifts, etc...and thats besides the true valuables such as TV's, jewelry, furniture, etc, that I no longer have any documentation on.

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Make a list containing a description of each and every item that was discarded. Then find a substantial equivalent item for sale and note the price (even print out the price if found on the internet). For objects such as pictures and family videos that have no "replacement" fair market value, it is up to you -- and ultimately up to a judge or jury -- to put a price on those items.

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