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How do I terminate rights to my unborn child in Maryland?

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I have many Psychiatric diagnoses, and have had many outpatient, inpatient, and 1 residential hospitialization. I ended up in foster care, group homes, and independent living. I was forced into non-consensual sex while in Independent Living and am pregnant as the result. I do not think that it would be a good idea for me to raise a child by myself yet, as I have not been out of Residential care for a year even. I don't want to crash and have my rights involuntarily revoked or end up in a coffin, because of my hard time of rationality.

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I would suggest that you consider placing the child for adoption. While this can only be done after the birth of the child, your planning process starts quickly. Contact your local probate court for assistance in this matter, or in the alternative, a local adoption agencies such as your local Children Services Board, Catholic Community Charities, or other private adoption agency in your area.
Sometimes, loving a child means you have to take steps to protect that child, even if they are personally unpleasant. When you fill out papers for your adoption. I suggest that you make sure to sign the relevant paperwork so that when your child turns 18, that they can find you. Then the child will know that they were adopted out of love rather than out of the lack thereof. This is a difficult situation for you to be in, and I would suggest that you also get some Counseling in order to deal with it on a personal level. Good luck.

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I could never hate my child... I know how it is to feel unloved by biological parents. Even through the cimcumstances, I feel attached to the baby, but I know it is best for (hopefully) stable parents to raise her/him than going through the foster care system and/or the courts. I feel that sometimes loving a child means doing one of the hardest things you sometimes have to- admitting that right now you just aren't capable and you know the welfare of your child depends on how it is raised. I wonder if Legal Aid would be able to help me.

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