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How do I tell someones probation officer about a violation? What information do I need? Can I stay confidential always?

Maineville, OH |

I know a lady is on probation for driving under the influence 4 or 5 different times but she would not take a urine test or a breathalyzer test . She was finally put on probation but she wont stop her drug use and alcohol drinking. She calls and yells at me and calls her son all kinds of names and threatens them and I when she is under the influence. I am 16 years old and her 2 sons are 18 and 13 years old. Her husband does the same thing as she does but is threatening his 18 year old son. But she never gets caught. I'm scared someone is going to get hurt. I would like to tell her probation officer but don't want to tell her probation officer if she will find out it was me. Will she find out it was me? I also don't know what kind of information I need? Can I just call her P.O?

Please let me know as soon as possible. I want to do this as soon as I can. This case happened in Ohio just in case you might need to know. Thank you:)

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  1. If the law is being broken, call the police. If you think there is a violation of her probation you can call the PO, however there is no way to know if the PO will move forward on your information. With phones today, I am not sure anything is ever anonymous. She may or may not find out that you called. Good luck.

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