How do i sue a school district and police department for personal injury

Asked over 2 years ago - Davenport, IA

my son has a disability mental and physical due to multiple concussions. he has an iep plan that was not successful due to school refusing tests that would help find accurate education for him. they had me arrested for a misdemeanor truancy charge which goes against their attendance policy which is for kids with good mental and physical condition. he is not truant. they retaliated and sent me to jail with no notice or mediation. they harrassed and bullied and threatened and refused testing to help him-retaliation of me demanding help and reaching out for help to everyone who would son has suffered a set back of further anxiety due to this retaliation and has withdrawn further. the police also reinjured my shoulder injury which is painful every single day. i received medical help

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    Answered . You would retain a personal injury lawyer in your city. There are short notice requirements when you sue a school, so act quickly. You can find plenty of good lawyers in your city on Avvo. Good luck.

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    Answered . You need to contact a local civil rights attorney ASAP. Remember that when suing a governmental entity like a school district and police dept. there are strict timelines and notice requirements so do not delay in contacting an attorney.

    Good luck.

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    Answered . You should try to find a lawyer who handles education law. There are state and federal laws that apply to education of people with disabilities.

    As the other attys mentioned, speak to a civil rights or PI lawyer about the situation as well. Maybe one of those lawyers can refer you to a local education law atty.

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