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How do I stop someone from slandering me on facebook and using my full name to everyone?

Lockport, NY |

My old neighbor I've filed a complaint for harassment and for threatening me. The police said they can't do anything but write a complaint. We moved and she broke into the apartment took pics and put on facebook our full names and the pics saying we are scumbag and living in filth. (We are not... Im a compulsive neat freak) She also admits on there to stealing my mail and money my family mailed me for my pregnancy.. I want those pics taken down and I want her to give me the card and money and then forget about her. How can I do this.. Ive tried to report her to facebook but they have done nothing.

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This sounds like a clear terms of use violation with Facebook and you should be more vigilant in contacting the operators of the site and demanding that the posting be removed. Facebook does not want this kind of trouble.

Only in an extreme case would I actually suggest seeking an injunction out of a court demanding a stop to the postings.

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Have you filed a police report? The pictures she took and posted are evidence of a crime, and she can be arrested and prosecuted. You should call the police a.s.a.p. and swear out a warrant for breaking and entering, theft, and other applicable crimes. Stealing your mail is a federal crime - call the postal police for that.

When the police say all they can do is file a complaint etc.etc. means they consult with their sergeant or lieutenant to see whether to turn it over to the d.a. for prosecution. Call the captain of the police precinct and meet with him or her. Demand that this woman be prosecuted. Go to the DA's office if necessary - demand to meet with the exec. asst. d.a. Don't let them push you between the cracks.

I'm not sure what if anything you can do about facebook. They claim that they're not responsible for the content of their postings. But if they have knowledge that if what's posted is evidence of a crime - proof of a break-in, for example - I don't know that they can cover themselves with that.

Keep pushing the DA and police. DON'T post anything on facebook, so you won't get sued for libel or defamation.


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