How do I stop someone from harassing me on the internet?

Asked over 4 years ago - Indianapolis, IN

My husbands aunt, whom I have never met is posting things about me on facebook. First, she had her status set as "X's wife is a white trash hillbilly and such a wench, I can't stand her. I almost feel sorry for X being married to a hillbilly, such trash!" Now, she is repeatedly posting comments on the rest of the familys facebook pages, calling me white trash, a hillbilly and a few derogitory term towards women. She has blocked me from sending her anything (which I haven't done anyway), but she just will not stop! I'm very upset about this, because I have never met her, my husband hasn't spoken to her in 10 years and it is really causing problems between the rest of the family and me. How do I get her to stop?

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  1. Matthew H. Hector

    Contributor Level 11

    Answered . You would need to consult an attorney in Indiana if you wanted to pursue a defamation case. However, you may be able to deal with this via Facebook. The site's terms of use prohibit conduct that bullies, harasses or intimidates other users. The owners of Facebook reserve the right to remove content that is prohibited by the terms of use. The bottom of her profile will contain a report/block link. I would suggest blocking her, then reporting her for her harassing conduct. It will save you some money on attorney's fees, and may stop her from continuing with her behavior. If it persists after taking that step, you would need to consult an attorney in Indiana who handles civil tort matters like defamation.

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