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How do I stop garnishment on my state tax refund

Flat Rock, MI |

Hello back in 2002 I had my car repoed and every year since I get my state refund garnished which I never agreed to. But right around April every year I get a letter from a court stating the garnishing. So my question is how can I stop that because it's clearly well over 10 years ago and when the took it I owed a little over 5,000 the letter I recently received said 3,000! Is there a limitation on car repos?

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No, there isn't. A Judgment is good for ten years from the date it was entered but it is subject to renewal. If you don't want to have your state refund garnished, have your employer reduce your withholdings so you take home more of your check and don't receive a refund. Then, there will be nothing to garnish.

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Every garnishment generates costs and fees that get added to the balance owed. You could either offer the attorneys a payment plan, or they might even consider a lump sum settlement to close out the file. They are within their rights to garnish the refund, so you will need to take affirmative action to get the matter resolved.

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Better by far as Mr. Darish suggests to work out a payment plan (perhaps even at a discount), so you do not have all of the overhead. Then, as was suggested, reduce your withholding. No refund to worry about if you owe a few dollars in taxes. They can still come after your wages. See an attorney about asking for a payment plan, or ask yourself.

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