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How do I stop an ex-wife, divorced for three years, from making harassing phone calls & emails to me?

Fishkill, NY |

Immediately after she left for another state I started to receive a lot of hang up calls and threatening emails, all with aliases of course, but the emails all threatened the same thing she used to say or email me, “Watch it, you are gonna get yours.” Many variations of this, but consistently the same.

I wrote a letter to her ex, who is the only one who can get through to her, and asked for assistance in just getting her to move on. What happened next is she had a lawyer write to me threatening me with a lawsuit if I did not stop harassing her and stalking her. Interesting, her phone comes up “Private Caller”. Yes, I could change my number but too many people need to be in touch that I don’t always hear from. I of course wrote him back and asked for his assistance.
Well, over three years and it continues. She is also harassing my new girlfriend who she was convinced that I was sleeping with while still married to her, not at all. I went to the police and they said they could try and bluff her but as long as she does not threaten harm to anyone’s life they can not force her to stop. I trapped as many calls as I could through Verizon butt hey continue.
I feel I am left with no recourse but to bring suit against her, so again, I wrote and asked her ex to try and talk some sense into her. He did not know what was going on but said he would try. Of course after he did, the other night I get this ranting phone call about my harassing her and such and I am sure I will get a suit brought against me very soon. I just want it to end and be left alone and go on with my life and her the same. I don’t want to have to go through the hassle of going formal with this. But, is that my only recourse, what else can I do, should I just get an attorney and move forward??? I am in New York and she is in Texas, I am at a loss. Any advice would be greatly appreciated .

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You can get a restraining order.

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