How do i stop a people call me lier? she wont;t stop , she wont leave me alone ..

like child molestation? it never happen but she keep telling everybody and they didn't bring the kids to the hospital cause it never was done and i am sick of her telling everyone and i have 3 kids of my owned and i don't want my children to hear what they have been said and don't want my children get pick on.

Bunn, NC -

Attorney Answers (2)

Howard M Lewis

Howard M Lewis

Family Law Attorney - Framingham, MA

If you were married and have a divorce or separation agreement you may file a contempt type action or like kind action in your state, if you were not, then you may seek an injunction against her for defamation or a like kind action in your state. Take care.

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Robert A. Broadie

Robert A. Broadie

Family Law Attorney - High Point, NC

If you illustrate that these statements are false and damaging, you may also consider filing a complaint for defamation.

The information provided is not legal advice from Criminal Defense Lawyer Robert A. Broadie. There is no attorney... more

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