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How do i stop a credit card service from calling me. i owe no credit card debt, but they keep calling.

New Athens, IL |
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i have pushed the prompt button that allows you to speak with them. every time i tell them to please do not call back they hang up on me.

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  1. You should contact an attorney who specializes in consumer law regarding this issue. Most will provide a free consultation, and handle certain types of cases on a contingency basis. There are several consumer protection statutes that could come into play in your situation depending on the specific facts. For example, if you are getting the calls on your cell phone, they could be violating the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, which provides for statutory damages of $500 to $1500 per call. If they qualify as a debt collector under the Fair Debt Practices Act, they appear to have violated that statute by continuing to call you. The FDCPA provides up to $1,000 in statutory damages. You can strengthen your potential case against them by sending them a written demand to stop calling. It is also possible that you could be a victim or identity theft or a mixed credit file, if they are actually trying to reach somebody with your name. I urge you to check your credit report with each major credit bureau to make sure there are no accounts showing up that you do not recognize. Unfortunately, a lot of ID theft victims discover the problem when they get a collection call. Finally, if you can't figure out who they really are, they could be one of the many scam artists who are making robocalls nowadays. The FTC is a good place to complain about that type of outfit.

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  2. I have been chased by a guy looking for a "Jessica Maine" for the past year or so. I finally asked him to provide me with a mailing address so I could send him a payment. He mumbled something like he only accepts wire transfers and credit cards. I told him I only pay by money order and needed an address. He finally gave me one. It was an empty lot in Brooklyn. There are a lot of scame artists out there. Being nice to these people won't work.

    Demand as many specifics as you can, such as exactly who they work for, how they got the account, what the account number is, when the account was opened, how they got your number, what the last digits of your social security number are and the last 4 digits of the credit card. Ask enough of these and they figure out you're not a pushover. And, if there's some legitimate confusion, asking this will help a lawyer sort it out if that becomes necessary.

    Good luck!

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  3. I disagree with the previous answer, although the attorney comes from a well respected law firm whose services I have used in the past. This is an instance where cold calls are made (often via computer) to solicit new credit applications, and not to collect on past due credit card debts. I get them also and they always hang up on you when you try to tell them to put you on their do not call list. I have reported them to the Do Not Call Registry many times. If enough people complain, perhaps they can be stopped. Get your phone number(s) on the do not call registry if you haven't yet done so. I don't have the information handy but you should able to do a web search. When you are at their website, you will also see how to file a complaint about business that do not comply. They are truly an annoyance!