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How do I set up my asset protection structure from home? What is the first step? How do I know I am doing it right?

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I received home training and asset protection consultation to re-structure how my assets are structured and protected. I now need to create LLC's, create land trusts, assign nominees, re-file how our current assets are set-up, etc... How do I know I am doing right?

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With all due respect, the only way you know if it is done right, is to have a professional do it. There is no way anyone can tell you if you are doing it right without being involved in the process and seeing what is being done. If you have enough assets to protect, you have enough money to have an attorney do it right.


I will add that it is either pay now or pay later. If you don't hire a professional your beneficiaries may spend a lot more money later than what you will spend now.

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How do you know what you were taught during your home training is correct? Since asset protection is designed to protect you at the expense of creditors, you will have to expect that anything you do in terms of asset protection will be scrutinized. If doing it right is important to you, I would highly recommend that you don't rely on what you learned in any home training type system.

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